The Problem

With increasing community and government expectation that schools play a critical role in responding to student mental health and wellbeing, all Australian primary schools are now required to deliver a robust curriculum and support system to all students that helps them develop socially and emotionally, as well as academically.

Many dedicated principals and teachers who strive to support their students, are limited in what they can achieve with the systems and processes they have in place; and although it is well documented that the first signs of mental illness emerge during school years, symptoms can go untreated for long periods of time as many children are not able to identify or articulate their challenges and concerns.

Kinnections was created to solve this issue and allow schools to collect and collate meaningful real-time data on their student cohort.

Kinnections allows it’s partner schools to provide much more than a ‘once a term wellbeing student survey’, but instead conduct genuine and practical solutions to identifying and dealing with kids struggling with mental ill-health.

The Solution

A data-driven platform that identifies and prevents youth mental ill-health in schools, ensuring no children fall through the cracks.

Kinnections makes it easy for schools to monitor and track student mental health, reducing staff workload and providing real-time information to allow for targeted support for their students at risk and their families.

The web-based platform and app encourages teachers to meaningfully engage with their students on a regular basis to track their connection with peers, positive future focus, and feeling of safety.

Weekly student mental health-check reports and tailored dashboards are generated enabling schools to highlight which children are at greatest risk of diminishing wellbeing, potentially requiring intervention or additional support.

Available as a web-based platform and mobile application so teachers can use it on the run, Kinnections empowers schools to get and collate meaningful data ensuring none of their students fall through the cracks.

Main Features

An evidence-based solution that supports schools in tailoring appropriate student mental health plans.

Weekly student surveys

A quick and simple way for teachers to touch base with each of the students in their class or cohort weekly, collecting and collating responses based on connection to peers, positive future focus, and their
feeling of safety.

In-time and over-time school dashboards

All responses available in an easy to access dashboard, noting red alerts for students at risk and over time mental health trends throughout the entire school cohort.

Teacher’s resource and support portal

Support your teachers by providing access to the Kinnections resource and support portal, full of training, tips, template, decision trees and much more to allow them to deal with students at risk and their families with confidence, maturity and sensitivity.

Tailored wellbeing survey capability

Gathering data or opinions from students and/or parents and carers has never been easier. Do away with Google Forms and keep all of your student mental health data in one place. Tailor your own surveys, or use and edit pre-written text.

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