An easy to use early intervention platform for schools focus on the mental health and wellbeing of students.

Schools play an increasingly critical role in promoting a culture of mental health and wellbeing, with teachers being pivotal in positively influencing the mental health outcomes of their students. In addition to delivering a robust curriculum, schools are now also required to offer a support system to all students that encourages them to reach their full potential socially and emotionally, as well as academically.
Many dedicated principals and teachers who already strive to support their students, are often limited in what they can achieve with the current systems and processes they have in place. Although it is well documented that the first signs of mental illness emerge during school years, children struggling with their mental health can go undetected for long periods of time as often they are not invited into conversations about how they are feeling early enough.

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Kinnections is a web-based platform which enables a whole school approach to student mental health and wellbeing, equipping all teachers with a simple system to identify and respond to students’ mental health needs. Tailored dashboards and reports provide high level insights and individual mental health profiles allowing schools to quickly identify and help children who may be struggling as early as possible, to reduce long term impacts associated with poor mental health.

Kinnections was developed by teachers, for teachers, to have regular mental health and wellbeing check-ins with their students that are purposeful and consistent. Intentional conversations around the key areas of connection, hope and safety are captured, collated and reported allowing teachers to identify students who require additional support.


To ensure every child is connected, respected, protected and able to reach their full potential.

Meet our Team

Josh Vaughan

CEO Kinnections

Josh Vaughan is the owner of The Right Direction Australia, and holds a Masters of Educational Leadership and a Bachelor of Education. Having held various teaching positions, from classroom teacher to Assistant Principal, he is now the Director of CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn, supporting the kids who have fallen through the cracks. Seeing first-hand the effects of the system having not identified or intervened early enough, he has developed the Kinnections platform allowing schools to proactively identify and effectively support children most at risk of developing mental ill-health.

Rey Mendoza


Rey Mendoza is an Electronics Engineer who has enjoyed a long and successful career with global tech firms such as Ericsson, Astra Telecoms (Mitel), and Achilles. Driven by a deep sense of justice and equal opportunity for all, he is a proud CTO of Kinnections, driving the technical strategy, innovation and delivery of a high-performing end-to-end solution for schools to protect the mental health of their students.

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