Canberra, ACT — Kinnections Australia Pty Ltd. is proud to announce a collaboration with ARACY — Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.

Kinnections is a web-based platform and mobile application designed specifically for educators working with children as young as four years of age. Kinnections simplifies the process of undertaking regular wellbeing check-ins in education settings. The weekly check-ins are purposeful and consistent conversations between educators and children, focusing on evidence-based indicators including connection, optimism, safety, and general wellbeing. Children’s responses are captured within the platform and reported via both a dashboard and weekly reports, allowing educators to easily identify children who may need additional support. The tailored dashboards and reports provide high level insights as patterns emerge and individual profiles are established to easily identify children whose wellbeing may be at-risk. The long-term impacts associated with poor wellbeing can be reduced with effective early identification and engagement. In collaboration with ARACY, Kinnections will support best practice and inform national policy positions to further the interests of Australia’s children, allowing them to thrive.

ARACY brings people and knowledge together, helping to grow capability across the child and youth sector, influence decision making and catalyse collective action. ARACY’s The Common Approach® works in parallel with Kinnections to ensure the wellbeing conversations with both children and parents are best practice. The Common Approach is an evidence-based, prevention-focused, and flexible way of working that supports those working with children to consistently use a strengths-based, child-centered, collaborative and holistic approach.

“Kinnections was created to recognise children who may be experiencing a decline in their wellbeing and due to their age, may fly under the radar for years. We are excited by the opportunity to collaborate with ARACY to focus on children aged 4 to 7 years.” – Josh Vaughan, CEO Kinnections Australia Pty Ltd.

“ARACY is thrilled to collaborate with an organisation that is supporting the wellbeing of our younger children. Having a quick, easy, and robust method to understand the wellbeing needs of 4-year-olds can allow us to provide support when it is going to have more meaningful impact.” – Dr. Rebecca Goodhue, Lead Capacity Building, ARACY.


Kinnections Australia Pty Ltd.
Josh Vaughan – CEO


25 October 2022

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